‘Show boy, bring us home’ – Over 500 Ghanaians stranded in Dubai woo Nana Addo

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The YouTube channel SVTV Africa has reported that over five hundred (500) Ghanaians are stranded in Dubai, sleeping in frigid conditions in their attempt to seek greener pastures.

In a video published by the channel, on Monday, August 22, the stranded Ghanaians pleaded with President Akufo Addo to help bring them back to Ghana.

“We want to come to Ghana, so authorities must come in to assist us in that way. We don’t have any proper food to eat and no comfortable place to lay our heads,” one of the emigrants said.

In a praise-singing manner, he added that President Akufo Addo must hear their cries and deliver them from the Dubai mess.

“President Akufo Addo, you are a listening leader who takes delight in alleviating the plight of your people. We know that you will respond to us positively. We are begging you to help bring us back to Ghana.”

Another Ghanaian whose voice was heard in the video said they had tendered themselves in to the Dubai police to get them (emigrants) deported but to no avail.

“A friend who voluntarily tendered himself to the police, praying they deport him to Ghana, but they did not give him a listening ear,” he said.

Watch the video below:

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