Ex-convict reveals how he brilliantly duped AMA, GRA & others of millions of Cedis

An ex-convict, Kweku Gardiner, has shared a chilling story of how he cunningly infiltrated some public institutions and duped innocent Ghanaians of millions of cedis.

Speaking with Emmanuel Agyemang on Step One TV, as shared on the YouTube channel Obibini TV, on Saturday, August 13, Mr Gardiner said he became addicted to cocaine and that he employed “communist inferior tactics” to sustain his cocaine addiction.

“I used communist inferior tactics. When I say communist inferior tactics, I mean there are ways that you could make somebody make a legal commitment within the legal framework but outside of the true cause,” he said.

He said these tactics led him to erect “Stop work!” signs on people’s buildings so he could extort money from them.  

“I was in Tesano [in the Greater Accra Region] and saw that most of the lands were fallow. I would erect ‘STOP WORK’ on any new structure. When you start any project and I come and write on it, you will be scared because you want to finish your project,” he added.

The onetime drug addict, who is now going through rehabilitation, said he met his unsuspecting victims at the district assembly office, where he took money from them to make it appear to them (victims) that he was indeed working with the assembly.

Watch the full interview below.

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