Russia is playing a game to be relevant again – iWatch Africa

The social advocacy group iWatch Africa has said Russia is only playing a game in its altercation with Ukraine to gain relevance in the international system.

Contributing to a discussion on the Russia-Ukraine impasse, Sunday, February 13, on the YouTube channel Aniwaba, Programs Director at iWatch Africa Justice Kumordzi said once Europe continuously relies on Russia for its needs – such as gas supply, Russia could pull the strings in its favour at any given time.

“Well, I think, Russia is playing a game to gain a seat at the high table to become relevant again because it holds [all] the aces as far as European needs are concerned and even the needs of Ukraine,” he said.   

Mr. Kumordzi, also in a response on the question of the ideal candidate to mediate the crisis singled out the Non-Aligned Movement as the best mediator based on the much-touted principles of the Movement.

He said: “Diplomacy works best when you cannot use military force to solve it” and that is a prime opportunity for NAM to exert its influence in international politics now.

The Russia-Ukraine crisis has been raging on for over two months now with Russia demanding that Ukraine never joins the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

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