Twene Jonas to introduce money transfer system to thwart Akufo Addo’s e-levy

U.S. based social commentator Twene Jonas has said he will introduce his private money transfer system if the government of Ghana goes ahead to implement the controversial e-levy policy.

Speaking in a Facebook Live session, Wednesday, December 22, Mr. Jonas said he will probably name his transaction “Twene Jonas Money Transfer” and develop an app for it which will also be named ‘Twene Jonas App’. He said, the platform would aim at giving Ghanaians a platform to bypass the local telecos in mobile money transactions.

“I will build the website in America and it will be accessible to Ghanaians in Ghana. You just have to download the app and when you send money Akufo Addo will have no means to deduct you for the e-levy,” he said.

The e-levy is a financial policy of the Akufo Addo government to tax Ghanaians 1.75% on all electronic transactions including much patronised mobile money services.

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