Zimbabweans blast Wode Maya for positively promoting their country

Some disgruntled Zimbabweans have cyber bullied Africa’s most influential YouTuber, Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon, popularly known as Wode Maya, over allegations that he ignored to tell the plight of ordinary people on his visit to the country.

In a Twitter troll monitored by Aniwaba, the aggrieved Zimbabweans said Mr Maya dined with the country’s oppressors and only highlighted the good things of the landlocked southern African nation while neglecting atrocities committed by his “sponsors”.

One Twitter user, The Dropshipper, said: “Dude [Wode Maya] was obviously paid by the anti-sanctions team. U would think he is a tourist, yet he is spending tax payer’s money.”

“This @wode_maya person is totally ignorant about pur Zimbabwean situation. In one of his tweets he says a man has to eat out of people’s stupidity. I don’t know whether the citizens are stupid or the @ZANUPF_Official govt is stupid in engaging him for a futile PR exercise,” said Citizen Dhehwa.

 In a response tweet, Wode Maya bemoaned the bullying he received on the internet and wondered how content creators survived in Zimbabwe, where cyber bullying is “real”.

“Cyber bully [sic] in Zimbabwe is sooooo [sic] real & I wonder, how do creatives in this country survive in such a negative world?” he asked.

 Meanwhile, a group calling itself Zimbabwe Anti-Sanctions Movement (ZASM) has rubbished the cyber attacks on the YouTuber in a tweet post.

“Wodemaya has devastated those who like to decampaign Zimbabwe because with his 1.3 million subscribers, he has shifted perceptions around Zimbabwe and his voice is louder than all anti-Zimbabwean voices combine. Hopewell’s voice can’t reach where Wodemaya’s 18 videos will reach,” the group said.

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