Kobina Ansah announces the third coming of Emergency Wedding

One stage play that many theater patrons were looking forward to before COVID-19 restrictions were imposed in 2020 was Emergency Wedding. The Kobina Ansah play sparked the emotions of many Ghanaians whose expectations were unfortunately cut short when all events were cancelled courtesy the pandemic.

Twice Emergency Wedding has been cancelled. However, Kobina Ansah this week announced that his much-talked-about play will be premiering at National Theater this December. The social drama touches on the pressure society heaps on women to get married.

Christened “The Third Coming”, there are a lot of expectations for Emergency Wedding. Kobina Ansah has thrilled patrons with great stage plays and theater lovers hope this is going to be his best piece of art yet. Some of his plays include The Boy Called A Girl and I Want To Sue God.

The most anticipated wedding of the year happens at National Theater this December. Will you be there?

Source: Scribe News

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