‘I was stripped naked in Kuwait’ – Ghanaian actress

A budding Ghanaian actress Ellen Adade has shared a chilling account of how she was repeatedly sold by her agents in Kuwait and later suffered what she describes as humiliation in the hands of a female police officer in that country.

In an interview with Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu on his YouTube-based Aggressive Interview show, Ms. Adade said she went to Kuwait after her mother’s friend informed her he could take her to any of the Gulf states provided she had a passport. That, he was in the position to facilitate her employment there as a househelp.     

“I got to Kuwait and I had worked with my madam [landlady] for about six months and one day she went to town for shopping while I took care of the her kids. Then, one of the kids went to the kitchen for chai [tea] and he mistakenly poured the hot content on his leg,” she said.

That accident, according to Ellen Adade, had her madam locking her up in a guardroom in the house and starved her for two days. She said, she was also denied access to water and for the two days in the guardroom she did not bath.

Ms. Adade said, she later maneuvered and got her agents to rescue her from the house. “The agents gave me out to another household to go work as a househelp because I had to work to pay them [agents]. After some days in my new home, I ran away out of frustration. The Kuwait police arrested me with my madam [the second household] telling them I had stolen her jewels,” she said.

She said after being locked up by the police for six (6) months amid investigations into the alleged jewels thievery, she was eventually set free but would be deported to Ghana.

“The police took me away in a car and upon reaching a checkpoint at the deportation camp, a female officer told me to strip naked. I did and she said I should open my legs which I obliged,” Ms. Adade recounted, “and to my surprise she inserted her hand into my private part.”

When asked why she thinks the police officer did that search on her, Ms. Adade said the police wanted to be sure she had not inserted a phone in her private in order not to film her deportation process.

Ellen Adade starred in the YouTube series “Agye Gↄn”, produced by Kwaku Manu.

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