Residents of Ammokrom in the Western North Region worried over ‘chocolate’ drinking water

Residents of Ammokrom, a suburb of Bibiani in the Western North Region, have lamented over the destruction of what they describe as their only source of water.

According to the community’s Odikro, Nana Yaw Antwi I, the muddying of their water body was caused by Mensin Gold Bibiani Ltd’s mining activities, as they “operate at the main source of the water, thereby making it undrinkable.”

He said that the community approached the company to inform them about their activities and the rippling effect that the people of Ammokrom had to endure. Nana Yaw Antwi added that they took the opportunity to ask the mining firm to provide the community with portable and safer water.

According to Kwamena Fynn, Aniwaba’s Western Regional Correspondent, an official from Mensin Gold Bibiani Ltd came to survey the area and admitted that the situation was dire and that the people needed a mechanised bole hole.

Residents, however, say it is almost a month now into the promised construction of the first face of the borehole, but nothing substantial has been done so far.

The chief and the entire community of Ammokrom are, therefore, calling on the Mensin Gold Company and Asante Gold Limited (which operates the former) to come to their aid, indicating that the purchase of sachet water is draining their pockets.

Source: Kwamena Fynn, Adehye FM, Bibiani

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